SeU – Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE)

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SeU – Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE)


The SeU – Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) certification proves a tester’s expertise in using Selenium WebDriver for automating web application tests, enhancing test efficiency and coverage, and signifies a deep understanding of Selenium for high-quality software development


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SeU – Certified Selenium Engineer Tech Certification Logo

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Selenium WebDriver Fundamentals
Test Script Design and Development
Synchronization Strategies
Page Objects and Data-Driven Testing


60 to 120 minutes
60 questions
Multiple choice, practical examples, and scenario-based questions

Audience Profile

Ideal for QA professionals and software testers aiming to showcase their expertise in test automation with Selenium. This certification confirms advanced skills in automating web application tests, elevates professional credibility, and illustrates a dedication to maintaining software quality and performance
A focused man working on his laptop at a white table.
A focused man working on his laptop at a white table.

Certification overview

The SeU – Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) certification is pivotal for software testers and QA engineers, endorsing proficiency in web application testing using Selenium WebDriver. It verifies an individual’s capability in automating tests, enhancing test coverage, and improving the efficiency and reliability of the testing process. This credential demonstrates a deep understanding of Selenium, a critical tool in test automation for web applications, signifying a tester’s commitment to excellence in software quality assurance. Achieving this certification underlines a professional’s expertise in creating sophisticated automation scripts and contributing to the development of high-quality software

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